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Partnership for Prosperity

The Company has a record of consistent profit and uninterrupted dividend.

Reserve Bank of India permitted Berar Finance Limited to accept Public Deposits under Ref. No. 13.01109.

The company following guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India on prudential norms for Income recognition, Asset Classification, Provisioning of bad & doubtful debts, Captial adequacy and Concentration of credit & investment.

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  • A Company promoted by Mr. M. G. Jawanjar, a first generation entrepreneur. He is a company secretary by profession and has 4 decades of experience.
  • Promoted as a private limited company on 22.08.1990. Registration number is 11.57829.
  • Converted into a public limited company on 30.06.1993. Certificate of change of name dated 29.07.1993.
  • At present the Company has Head office at Nagpur, 26 branches across 4 states Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh , Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.
  • Company has firm plans of increasing business rapidly in Chhattisgardh, Madhya Pradesh and in the rest of Maharashtra.
  • All companies polices and decision are formed keeping in mind following objectives :-
    Increasing wealth of investors : From the very first day the Company has a prime vision of increasing wealth of investors, which it has achieved through transparency in business transactions and super services to all customers.
    Stability in earnings over a business cycle : Our major exposure is to automobile finance which is subject to business cycle. The company has a diversified portfolio like personal loans, consumer finance, loan for equipments and machinery, which ensures balanced earning throughout the year.
    Sound Portfolio : The Company always aim at quality financing in addition to quantity Because as you sow so shall you reap. Better the quality of portfolio lesser are bad loans and higher are profits.
    Maximize customer satisfaction: As customer is God in every business , we at BERAR FINANCE try our best to maintain good customer relationship. We do take care that all customers complaints are attended quickly. Suggestions from customers guide us in forming right business policies always.
    "Profitability" the bottom-line: Since incorporation we have achieved consistent increase in profits. This has been possible due to trust of our Investors, Bankers , customers and well wishers on various products and services offered by us.
    Growth Oriented: "If you are not growing, then you are dying", so we are at BERAR FINANCE always make sure that our growth process continues in all wings i.e. technology , branches , manpower , customers, portfolio, dealer network, tie-ups etc.

  • Business
    • Retail Financing –
      • 2/3 Wheelers Loans
      • Loan for office equipments
      • Personal Loans
      • Loan against Company's own Deposits
      • Loan for used Cars/Trucks
    • Financing to 2 wheelers constitute 85% of total portfolio.